Your property will double by 2030 in Greater Vancouver

Your property will double by 2030 in Greater Vancouver

In this episode, we will cover how and why your Great Vancouver property will likely double, again, in the next 6 years

I am Jessi Johnson, guiding you with almost 18 years of experience as a mortgage broker and realtor.

CMHC, a.k.a. The Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation is generally known for being a conservative organization when sharing predictions

After all, they are run by the government of Canada

CMHC just predicted Greater Vancouver homes to increase by at least 89% over the next six years.

Considering how conservative they are, and they’re using inaccurate, under-reported immigration numbers from the federal government…

This number will likely be over 100%, which equates to double your current value

Canada needs about 3.5 to 4 million “additional” housing units by 2030 to restore affordability.

Furthermore, I don’t think that takes into account all the immigrants, student visas and overstays.

Do I see all these new housing units built in time? 

Definitely not however the province is finally making better decisions toward increasing the housing supply 

but we won’t know the success of this until closer to 2030

At the time of this recording, the current average greater than Vancouver home is 1.2 million

To be clear, this is not a house. 

This is all property types, which include condos, townhomes, and detached houses 

The average condo in Greater Vancouver currently sits at $770,000

The average Greater Vancouver townhouse is currently 1.1 million

And, the average Greater Vancouver detached home is currently 2 million 

Let’s keep in mind that these are, again, the average per property type

There’s nothing special about these properties.

Vancouver generally historically doubles around every 10 years 

But if you add crazy amounts of immigration, on top of declining new housing, it is a recipe for disaster for future buyers 

Or massive opportunity today

Will all these immigrants stay in Canada or better yet, Greater Vancouver?

Probably not all.

Once they get here and realize how disgustingly expensive it is and hopes of homeownership are slim to none, 

they will likey go somewhere else but it will probably taking them a few years to depart

Although it may seem impossible, these projections are based on a relatively modest 15% increase in housing prices over the past six years. 

Keep in mind, without all these crazy immigration numbers, the past four years have seen prices climb by 36%

Over double the current CMHC projection.

Did you know that building permits are at 20 year lows? 

This is the opposite of what needs to happen to avoid this excessive growth

Mortgage rate markets appear to finally have peaked putting us in a declining rate environment

Things are going to kick into high gear once mortgage rates drop approximately one percent and continue to drop roughly another one percent between 2025 or 2026

Rental rates are at an all-time high, 

more than ever people are considering potentially buying instead of renting 

Now, let’s decode why buying now is a genius move. 

When interest rates tick up, it’s not all doom and gloom. 

In fact, it often means more room to negotiate on property prices. 

And with the current rate scenario, this is your window of opportunity

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Imagine this: It’s 2030. 

You’re looking out of your window at the breathtaking Vancouver view, and you’re not just daydreaming – you own this view! 

Because 6 years ago, you made the bold move to invest when the market was ripe for the taking

Your net worth is up, likely $1 million as well 

Sounds like a future you’d love? 

Make it happen, take action and thank yourself later

Don’t let this chance slip away. 

Keep in mind, if you think it’s hard to qualify now it’s gonna be a hell of a lot worse in a few years when prices skyrocket

Substantially more down payment will likely be required as well

I recommend you complete the quick process of getting a mortgage pre approval

My mortgage team can help, you can book a time to talk with me, and the link is in the description 

Mortgage approvals are free and if done with the right person, you will learn a ton of valuable information about your own situation, and the market

Talk to a real estate pro, get your questions answered, and start your journey. 

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned investor, take this opportunity seriously

That’s a wrap on today’s golden nugget of real estate wisdom. 

Remember, in Vancouver’s dynamic market, timing is everything.

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