Renewals & Transfers

Mortgage Renewal time? Is your mortgage term expiring? Do not sign a renewal letter without first consulting your mortgage broker! Far too many people make this mistake and pay for it dearly. It unfortunate that some lenders or banks will tell their clients that they have to pay fees if they move to another bank. If your mortgage is up for renewal it’s a great time to talk to your broker to find out your options. You will not have to pay legal fees to simply move your mortgage to another lender. The new lender will cover the cost of the doing the legal paperwork for you.

There are other benefits to an upcoming mortgage renewal. You will want to remind yourself of the different things so you can think about any changes you may want to change or discuss with your broker. There can be great money and time savings by looking at and making a few little changes to the mortgage that can have a big impact on your finances or the length of the mortgage. You never want to set up your mortgage, leave it for the entire term, and blindly renew your mortgage because you got the renewal letter in the mail. Your mortgage is a huge debt and should be managed good so you can reduce is as fast as possible.

Here are some benefits to speaking with us first before you renew your mortgage:

  • Better interest rates.
  • Perfect time for the Annual Mortgage Review process.
  • Consolidate debt
  • Restructure mortgage payments
  • Upgrading to a superior mortgage product
  • Restructuring for tax benefits
  • No cost to switch lenders
  • Restructure to pay your mortgage down faster
  • Lock in rates 120 days before mortgage renewal
  • Over 50 lenders competing for your business
  • Ensure your credit score is inline before application time

When your mortgage is up for renewal, please get in touch with us!