The Comfort Zone Paradox

The Comfort Zone Paradox

OK, today we’re going to talk about how you can change your life by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable…

Imagine what would happen if you kept your workouts to the same easy exercises you’ve done a million times before.Your strength certainly wouldn’t increase much, would it?

Which is why, if we want to get stronger, we have to push ourselves beyond our comfort level with new exercises and more reps.

It’s the same in the rest of your life.

To develop your career, grow as a person, or develop new skills, you have to leave your comfort zone…

– Take a job that involves public speaking, which has always scared you.
– Sit down with your spouse and talk about installing a new routine that can improve your relationship.
– Invest in a course that can give you the specialized knowledge to advance your career.

But there are limits. For instance, a weightlifter can’t lift ever-heavier weights every day without eventual injury. Successful lifters know the importance of taking a day off, returning to their comfort zone to let their bodies recover.

Similarly, you can’t keep pushing yourself hard in your job, relationship, school or life. If you do, you’ll eventually become stressed, exhausted or inefficient. You need to give yourself regular breaks, so you can recover, relax and regroup before moving on. In other words, too much discomfort can derail us. So we need to return to comfort on a regular basis!

BIG IDEA: We need discomfort to grow! This is what’s known as the Comfort Zone Paradox.

If you only do what is comfortable, life will be mighty hard. But if you do what is hard, outside your comfort zone, like will be mighty easy!

So there you have it, I’ve just given you a secret key to success: the ability to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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