The Apple-a-Day Principle

The Apple-a-Day Principle

OK, we’re going to talk about a simple – yet profound – principle that can transform your health and your wealth over time…

It’s called the “apple-a-day” principle.

Ever tried to read a book all in one sitting?

Unless it’s a wee lil’ kiddie book or you’re a speed reader, that can be a difficult task.

But if you read one chapter a day, you can finish the book over a few weeks and enjoy the whole experience. Trying to make a change in our lives or accomplish a new goal is kind of like that.

If we try to do the whole thing at once it’s scary, unpleasant, and easy to fail.

But if we can break that change or goal into small daily pieces that can be performed over the long term, suddenly everything becomes a lot more pleasurable and achievable.

Let’s say we want to be healthier. Instead of forcing a totally new diet or fitness regime all at once, we could start by eating an apple a day. Or eating more greens. Or do 10 minutes of stretching each day.

Eating one apple a day sounds easy, and it is!

But it does two very important things. Because it’s easy that motivates us to actually do it. Suddenly it’s part of our life – we just don’t feel right if we don’t get our apple.

Once you take this small first step, you can gradually add another routine – and another! Until you achieve your overall goal of a healthier, wealthier life.

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