Mortgage Review

Annual Mortgage Reviews are very important to have in order to properly manage your mortgage to ensure your mortgage is always set up the best way possible. Since we changed how we do business and started offering our Mortgage Management service to our clients, we increased our client’s net-worth over $1,000,000 from our Annual Mortgage Review Process.

Each year we provide this free service to our existing clients as a value added service. If you are not an existing client, we are happy to provide this service as well.

We will use all the information we collect to make sure your current mortgage and portfolio is optimized and your potential savings are maximized. What this means is we look at your overall finances, current situation, and what your goals are for the next five years. The reason why we look at everything is to see if we can tweak your mortgage to improve your finances, lower your payments and/or length of your mortgage, offer other possible suggestion, as well as make sure that the path you are on will get you the goals you want.

Once complete, you will receive an annual mortgage review report showing your mortgage with the total debt balance at the term completion based on your current path. Also included in the annual mortgage review report will be a potential mortgage with a revised total debt balance with our suggestions implemented. With the report you will be able to compare the two different scenarios and decide which scenario or suggestions you would like to proceed with.

Inflation Hedge Strategy & Payment Shock

We will also introduce you to the Inflation Hedge Strategy that protects you from rising interest rates and prepares you for “payment shock” at renewal. Payment shock is when you get the bad surprise of a large mortgage payment change time of your renewal. Making the instant adjustment for a much larger mortgage payment can put stress on anyone. It’s much more comfortable to avoid payment shock when you can and that is what we show you in part of this report. These numbers will also be provided in your Annual Review Report.

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