Debt Consolidation

Are you interested in debt consolidation and don’t know who to contact? Call today to find out more about debt consolidation & how to repair your bad credit mortgage through a home equity loan or second mortgage. Save your money! There is certainly a right and wrong way to consolidate debt. Oprah Winfrey’s team selected the Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team over all brokers in Canada for her hit reality show Million Dollar Neighbourhood because they felt we had the ideal process for debt consolidation. We practice and process called Payment Matching. Payment Matching is essentially the concept of ensuring that what ever you pay today (monthly cash-flow) for your mortgage and liabilities will be the same after you restructure your debt into one combined mortgage payment.

Check out our article titled Art of Debt Consolidation that gives a wonderful breakdown of how to consolidate debt correctly. If you have a mortgage renewal or plan to complete a mortgage refinance where you restructure the entire mortgage, you want to ensure you get the best mortgage rates. Debt consolation can help!

The Process

  • Run Scoremaker report if you need to learn the best way to improve bad credit
  • Order an appraisal to assess the value of your property
  • If you have good credit, apply for refinance through A lender
  • If you have bad credit, apply for a home equity loan or second mortgage
  • Use the funds to pay consolidate debt into one payment
  • Ensure you practice Payment Matching so your cashflow stays the same (ideally)
  • If bad credit, refinance with an A lender once credit repair is complete

For more information, simply gives us a shout. We are here to help and our services generally come at no cost to you! If you had bad credit, we are there to help. Our team has a number of bad credit mortgage brokers who can help get you to where you need to be. Our fast and friendly service is available today!