Retirement Threats

Retirement Threats

OK, let’s talk about your retirement for a moment…

It’s easy to assume there’s an endless list of things standing between you and secure retirement, including volatile stock markets, stagnant household income, adult children living at home, etc.

But in reality, none of those things are as destructive to your retirement savings as what I’m about to show you next…

Here are 3 threats to a secure retirement:
1. Having too much debt.
– If you pay down existing debt and avoid new debt, the money you save in interest can be invested for a secure retirement.
2. Having no plan and starting too late.
– It’s essential to sit down NOW and figure out how much retirement income you’ll need, then take immediate steps to get there.
– Start saving, contribute to tax-advantaged retirement plans, select a responsible mix of secure investments, and DO IT NOW!
3. Relying on the advice of friends and TV shows.
– Don’t put your trust in amateurs or frauds. Select a professional financial advisor, make sure you’re comfortable with the recommendations and stick with those investments rather than constantly buying and selling.

Best of all, if you avoid these 3 threats, you’ll be better prepared to weather the risks listed earlier.

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