Real Estate Sales Stats for 2022 are out, any surprises?

Real Estate Sales Stats for 2022 are out, any surprises?

Real Estate Sales Stats for 2022 are out, are there any surprises?

In this episode of Own Your Life, we plan to cover the following hot topics:

~ Sales Statistics for December and 2022 as a whole

~ Updated BC Property Assessments

~ A quick reminder of the buyer recession period and foreign buyer ban

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Letโ€™s look at the recently reported stats on real estate market. Overall the story of 2022 the Bank of Canadaโ€™s efforts to curb rising inflation by raising interest rates 7 times! As the cost of borrowing soared, buyers were hesitant to enter the market, forcing sellers to both lower prices, as well as simply remove their properties from the market.

Do you live in Greater/Metro Vancouver? Here are the stats specific to your areas:

METRO VANCOUVER (defined by SnapStats):…

GREATER VANCOUVER (defined by SnapStats):…

FRASER VALLEY (defined by SnapStats):…

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