Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team Releases New 2.79% Five-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team Releases New 2.79% Five-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

VANCOUVER, Sept. 26, 2014,/CNW/ – The mortgage broker from Oprah Winfrey’s Million Dollar Neighbourhood is back in the limelight again with record low interest rates. Today Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team has released new 2.79% five-year fixed mortgage rates that will make it easier and more affordable for individuals to own their own home.

By releasing these low rates, Vancouver mortgage broker Jessi Johnson hopes to allow more people to own a home and reduce the overall debt that individuals have to repay. Since beginning as a mortgage broker in 2006, Johnson has worked hard to ensure that those who wish to own their own homes are able to do so without running into financial problems. Providing these lower rates makes this dream more possible than ever before. The lower rates provide homeowners with more flexibility and decrease the overall amount of debt that a person has to carry.

“I hope to give more people access to affordable mortgages with these rates,” says Johnson. “Spending less money on your mortgage makes it easier to handle the rest of your financial obligations.”

Johnson twice appeared on the Canadian and North American syndicated television series Million Dollar Neighbourhood as a mortgage expert. On the show, he worked with individuals to refinance their homes and save themselves money each month. By making it possible for people to lower the interest rate on their mortgage, Johnson saved several individuals on the show a great deal of money. He’s now hoping to do the same on an even wider scale.

“A lower mortgage interest rate is beneficial for a number of reasons,” says Johnson. “When a person has a lower mortgage rate, it allows him or her to spend less money each month on their mortgage payments.”

“If a person has a few extra hundred dollars at the end of the month due to a lower mortgage rate, that person can use the money to pay down car loans or credit card debts.”

Spending less money on a home means that a person is much less likely to accumulate large amounts of debt on other loans. The interest rates on credit cards, for example, are often incredibly high. Paying down a credit card more quickly with the money saved on a mortgage lets an individual save a great deal of money.

Jessi Johnson has been a mortgage broker since 2006. In his time as a broker, he has appeared on numerous media outlets to discuss finances and mortgages, including Global television, Breakfast Television on CityTV, CBC Radio, News1130, and many other appearances. He is the president and CEO of the Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team. More information about Jessi Johnson and his team can be found online at

SOURCE: Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team