It's time for your annual mortgage review!

It's time for your annual mortgage review!

When was the last time you reviewed your mortgage and overall debt?

Roughly every 12 months or around the time of your mortgage term anniversary, we recommend that you complete an annual mortgage review. While the process on your end is short, we go very deep into ensuring you are optimized on our end. The biggest savings with clients is generally mid-mortgage term and not the interest rate when they start the mortgage.

We offer this process for free and in return just request that you keep us in mind when speaking with friends, family or colleagues about mortgages.

We will use all the information we collect to make sure your current mortgage and portfolio are optimized and your potential savings are maximized. What this means is we look at your overall finances, current situation, and what your goals are for the next five years. The reason why we look at everything is to see if we can tweak your mortgage to improve your finances, lower your payments and/or length of your mortgage, offer other possible suggestion, as well as make sure that the path you are on will get you the goals you want.

Once complete, you will receive an annual mortgage review report showing your mortgage with the total debt balance at the term completion based on your current path. Also included in the annual mortgage review report will be a potential mortgage with a revised total debt balance with our suggestions implemented. With the report, you will be able to compare the two different scenarios and decide which scenario or suggestions you would like to proceed with.

This year’s record savings was $74,166.00. A very friendly couple essentially won the lottery, many times! READ MORE here:

This process is free, just ask!

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