How to Become Debt Free

How to Become Debt Free

Let’s face it, debt isn’t a financial problem, it’s a behavior problem. So becoming debt-free takes more than sound financial strategies, it takes a mindset shift that establishes new wealth-building habits.

If you have too many debts, most financial experts will advise you to start paying the highest-interest debt first.

Let’s say you have a $12,000 credit card balance at 18%, a $4,000 student loan at 3%, an $8,000 car loan at 5%.

Financially, it makes sense to start paying your credit card first since that will yield the biggest saving in interest.

However, making relatively small payments towards a large balance owing can you leave you feeling discouraged and ready to give up.

That’s why it’s mission-critical to make minimum payments on all your other lower-interest debts so you can channel the largest payment possible towards the highest-interest debt.

Not only will this save you the maximum amount of interest, it will also speed up the time it takes to pay off the most expensive debt.

Once it’s paid off, start making the largest payments possible towards the next most expensive debt.

The best way to motivate yourself to pay off debts is to save maximum interest by focusing your payments on the highest interest debts first, then moving onto the next.

Seek progress, not perfection!

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