Daily Hustle of a Greater Vancouver Mortgage Broker

Daily Hustle of a Greater Vancouver Mortgage Broker

As a Greater Vancouver realtor & mortgage broker, some days are certainly easier than others but I love what I do. The last 6 months of 2022 were tough for sales, arguably harder than during Covid but things turned around fast. This year needs to have strong focus and consultancy to end with a record year and it is off to one heck of a start.

Don’t listen to the media, they are telling you to be afraid and not pursue your ambitions. This is a very good time to get into real estate before things go on another boom and mark my words, that will happen sooner than you think.

If you are even considering making a move in real estate, give me a call to get a free mortgage application started so you can figure out where you stand today and what you need to do to be prepared for when the time is right for you.

On the flip side, now is a fantastic time to upgrade before the next boom happens. Interest rates will be down much further in the next 12 months. 800,000 new immigrants came into Canada in 2023 and about 500,000 more are coming in 2023 with the same number in 2024 & 2025. We have nowhere to put them with our existing housing crisis and record-low inventory. This means home prices will keep going up and rental rates will also keep going up.

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