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Home Mortgage Rates

Term Rate
Prime 3.00%
Variable 2.25%
1 Year 2.89%
3 Year 2.69%
4 Year 2.89%
5 Year 2.89%
10 Year 4.29%

Qualifying Rate

Dec 15 4.79%

Current Inflation

Nov 2.4%

5 Year Bond Yield

Dec 15 1.33%


Special conditions apply

Mortgage Rates subject to change.


Special conditions apply

Mortgage Rates subject to change.

Special conditions apply
Mortgage Rates subject to change.

Credit Repair Scoremaker

Do you need help with credit repair?

Are you credit challenged? Perhaps you have bad credit? Do you need help with credit repair? We have a scientific analysis tool that recommends the quickest way to achieve the credit score needed for mortgage approval. It is revolutionizing credit assistance in North America. We can help you with your bad credit and show you how to repair your credit with Scoremaker. If your mortgage renewal is coming up or you want to refinance to a lower rate, you must ensure you don’t have bad credit. Commonly people will obtain a home equity loan or second mortgage to fix their bad credit before a mortgage renewal or mortgage refinance. That way the entire mortgage is obtainable at a lower rate. Vancouver mortgage broker Jessi Johnson and his team can help walk you through this process.

Sick of bad credit? Tired of collections? Trying to avoid Bankruptcy? The goal of our credit repair program, is to help clean up your credit report, optimize your score, and leave you in a position to get the best mortgage rates!

Scoremaker reads your Equifax score and tells us exactly what you need to do to fix your credit score, also referred to as a beacon score. All you have to do is follow Scoremaker’s directions and you will be on the right path to improved credit.

The cost to use this program is $199 with $149 refunded when you complete a mortgage with the Jessi Johnson Mortgage Team. Scoremaker instantly tells you how many points you can recover in the short (45 days) and long (90 days) term.

To apply for Scoremaker credit repair, there is a two step process:

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” button on this page
  2. Apply online through our online application process by CLICKING HERE.

Have more questions? Give us a shout at 604 628 5040 or

Credit repair


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