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Home Mortgage Rates

Term Rate
Prime 3.00%
Variable 2.00%
1 Year 2.79%
3 Year 2.59%
4 Year 2.89%
5 Year 2.79%
10 Year 4.29%

Qualifying Rate

Jan 21 4.79%

Current Inflation

Nov 2.1%

5 Year Bond Yield

Jan 21 0.85%


Special conditions apply

Mortgage Rates subject to change.


Special conditions apply

Mortgage Rates subject to change.

Special conditions apply
Mortgage Rates subject to change.

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We are continuously doing our best to educate clients and keep you in the loop. If you haven’t seen them already, here are some excellent mortgage videos for your lunch break.

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Vancouver mortgage broker Jessi Johnson offers you free mortgage videos to assist with your mortgage education. Feel free to share the content on Social media. Whether you are purchasing your first home, renewing your mortgage or refinancing it is in your best interest to have a good understanding mortgages in general. There is various tricks and strategies they we try to teach our client it the mortgage videos that could save you and your family a considerable amount of money. Far too many people apply for a basic mortgage without putting any thought into the future. Being properly prepared before, during and after the mortgage process is very important and a huge reliever of unnecessary stress.

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“I really enjoyed the seminar and learned valuable knowledge that will be a tremendous help with my house search. I would recommend Jessi’s seminar to everyone!”

Sarah Walker

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